Easy ways to give your child more confidence – 22nd June

Down-to-earth psychotherapist and lovely mum, Sarah Bailey, will be giving us simple, practical ways to boost our children’s self-esteem, whatever their additional needs.

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents of all children is keeping them confident and motivated.  If your child has additional needs then it likely to be harder and more important.

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey

Children exhausted by school and frustrated by homework can (very understandably) be anxious, angry, mess about or just give up.   How do you pick them up and convince them to keep trying?

We know that they can do it, if they work a little harder and a bit smarter than other kids, we just need to give them the confidence to believe it!

Sarah is a kind and funny mum who has years of experience as a psychotherapist, helping children and parents. She is very generously giving us some of her time and expertise.

Whatever your children’s needs, come along (adults only, so we can speak freely) and get some answers to your burning questions.