The f words: is your child forever fidgeting, forgetful, fighting sleep?

You are not alone, parents up and down the country are driven to distraction by their children’s behaviour.  May’s session looks at some simple, free and low-cost solutions with ‘Aunty Agatha’.

This Bank Holiday Monday, Catherine (who runs Aunty Agatha’s in Kenilworth) is coming to show us all their amazing stuff, providing solutions to a range of problems…

Aunty Agathas

Catherine from Aunty Agathas in Kenilworth with brand new PlushieMorphs

A tiny selection from Aunty Agathas in Kenilworth

A tiny selection from Aunty Agathas in Kenilworth

Poor handwriting?
Always moving-seeking?
Chews every pencil,
their lips or fingers?
Trouble getting off to sleep?
Wets the bed?
Telling/judging time?
Stressed, anxious or angry?
Struggles with scissors, cutlery, tying shoes or buttons?
Hates loud noise?

   Whatever you’re struggling with, hopefully there will be someone else who went through the same thing and can help you help your child.

Is your kid completely sorted? Well, you must feel very smug
– please come and tell us how you did it!

My new favourites:


Chew Gem: For kids who just need to chew!

Weighted blanket

I do love a weighted blanket!