Probably the best £1.40 you’ll ever spend

Lots of parents ask me what they can get that will make a difference to their child’s grades.  After years of teaching, extensive reading and expensive courses, my best answer is a cross-guard pencil grip.  No, really it is…

Messy handwriting, slow speed or low-level pain are very common.   For 9/10 pupils, the answer is a good pencil grip that forces the fingers into holding the pen in a pain-free and  efficient way.

I have more than a hundred different grips, pens and pencils.  I normally let children try them out, observing how their writing, grip, pressure and posture changes.    Finding the magic bullet has become an obsession.

However, chatting to an Occupational Therapist with the same kind of pen obsession, we discovered that we both almost invariably end up with the cross guard grip.

Whilst it won’t be right for all children, it’s a good place to start!