Defeat Dyslexia website launched, offering a wealth of knowledge for parents

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my brand-new website and blog, Defeat Dyslexia, which provides guidance, learning resources and moral support for parents of dyslexic children.

The website was born out of a demand for practical, positive advice around issues of dyslexia and related learning differences.

I hear the same laments from parents every week: Why does he struggle so much with spelling? Why does homework always take so long? How can I help him to know he’s not alone in dealing with dyslexia?

Defeat Dyslexia aims to offer the answers to these questions and more. The website is already a hub of knowledge – and we’re adding to it every day.

There’s jargon-free guidance on how dyslexia can affect a child’s learning; advice for parents at the end of their tether; reviews of dyslexia resources; profiles of famous dyslexics; and interviews with every-day dyslexics who’ve succeeded in their chosen field.

In the coming months, we’ll also be featuring fun-packed videos, as well as providing games, activities and worksheets for parents to download for free.

Head on over to the Defeat Dyslexia website now, or follow its twitter feed, to make sure you never miss a blog post.