Coming soon: the Defeat Dyslexia! book

It’s been in the pipeline for a while, so I’m thrilled to announce that my new book, Defeat Dyslexia! will be available to buy as a paperback and e-book from Amazon next month.

Defeat Dyslexia!What’s it all about?

Defeat Dyslexia! is the practical guide to dyslexia for busy parents and carers.

You can find out with what dyslexia really means for your child’s reading, spelling, maths, and other areas of learning, including music, languages, and sport.

Then discover straightforward, positive ways to help your dyslexic child to excel, in school and in life.

Why is it different?

There are a lot of great dyslexia books on the market, but too many of them are academic in tone and overloaded with jargon.

From my years as a teacher of dyslexic children, I know this isn’t what parents want. So Defeat Dyslexia! was written to be jargon-free and easy to read.

But don’t take my word for it…

People much cleverer than me can vouch for the book, too.

Sarah Bailey, an MBACP Psychotherapist, school counsellor, and mother, has this to say about Defeat Dyslexia!:

“A clear and concise guide, dispelling myths and laying the path for the exciting journey  through life ahead of those with dyslexia and their support network.

“As both a professional and a mother of someone with dyslexia, I find this book a shining star in dyslexia literature.”

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