Holly’s book launch – get your FREE copy (for a limited time only)

I’m excited to announce that my book, Defeat Dyslexia!: The Parents’ Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Dyslexia, is now available from Amazon.

As a thank you to all the friends who have supported me on this journey, you can download the e-book for free right now. The book has been a labour of love and I hope you enjoy it.

Defeat Dyslexia! (FREE for a limited time only)Please write a review

Free e-book? Where’s the catch…? There really isn’t one! But I would like to ask a favour…

As with any new book, Amazon reviews are incredibly important to its success.

If you enjoy the book, please consider taking 5 minutes to write a short review on Amazon, Good Reads, or both. Mentioning the book to friends and, particularly, on Facebook or Twitter would also mean a lot to me.

Don’t have a Kindle?

No problem! Download your free copy of the e-book and read it on your tablet, phone, or computer using the Kindle app.

Paperback also available

If you prefer physical books (and want a first edition!), the paperback edition of Defeat Dyslexia! can also be purchased from Amazon for £10.99 (including delivery).

Advance reviews

“A clear and concise guide, dispelling myths and laying the path for the exciting journey  through life ahead of those with dyslexia and their support network. A shining star in dyslexia literature.”
– Sarah Bailey, MBACP Psychotherapist, school counsellor, and mother

“This is an invaluable read for anyone trying to navigate the maze of dyslexia. The accessible, practical and light tone make this book highly readable with the case studies bringing the book to life.”
– Louise Scrivener, Independent Speech & Language Therapist

“The book speaks to you in an informative, accessible and friendly manner. It’s easy to understand yet not patronising. Definitely a toolbox ‘go-to’ book – very comprehensive.”
– Cheryl Hunt, Social worker and mother

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